Wednesday 23 November 2011

Final week at North Lands Creative Glass


Some interesting effects from my reservoirs

Gaffer Billets ready to go into a mould for firing

Clare describes cracking open her moulds
"like opening a Christmas present!"

revealing a new species...

curious - this one is face down!

Kate cracks open her moulds
Kate's Banas glass heart, lungs and kindneys 

A few of Clare's results

Clare gets a large flower pot ready for her 20kg of glass core cast piece!

the mould waiting in the kiln for the flower pot
more of Kate's moulds being prepared with Bullseye glass

and more of my results...

Visit the website below to view an article by Christine Gunn from Caithness Horizons in Thurso, she reports on the presentations given by us four artists on our experience so far, during our residency at North Lands Creative Glass and Scottish Sculpture Workshop

 2 glass artists & 2 sculptors

We will be showing 'work in progress' during an open studio at Scottish Scupture Workshop - Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th November - our final week of the Metal and Glass Casting Residency   

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all at North Lands Creative Glass for a great experience, see you again in the near future on a return visit to Caithness 


  1. Fantastic blog, Lisa! And wonderful images! Your reservoirs remind me of petri dishes. Fare you well and Caithness shall await your return eagerly!

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