Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bronze and Iron Pour - Week Four at SSW

Christine and Gemma learning some mould making techniques

Burning the wax cups out the Ceramic Shell before going in to the kiln for a further blast 

Eden (Mr Jolly)  turns the furnace on

stoke that furnace Jolly man!

Safety First - the fire protection goes on

Our Ceramic Shell moulds are ready and waiting

no... a bit more more sand
Jolly says its hot enough and time to pour...

Clare the skimmer - my turn to skim next

Kate pours - Katya pours round two


the bags full of iron and coke

Kate loads the fernace

Mr Jolly gets the furnace lit

heating up!

heating the crucible

the night arrives

First Tap and off we go

Second Tap

Third Tap


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