Sunday 23 March 2014

Multiply glass exhibition at Bullseye Resource Centre Bay Area, California

The Other Side of Town 2013
Kiln formed glass
Morgan Madison

Binary Discent 2013
Powder printed kiln formed glass
Stacey Lynn Smith

Kiln room

More Paragon kilns

Cold working, disc grinder

Belt grinder

Diamond cutter

Pneumatic grinder and polisher

Display samples of moulds and slumped glass

Glass cut ready for studio classes

Studio where classes take place

More samples and casting billets

Dry powder and wax room, sandblaster

Thursday 13 March 2014

Contemporary Glass at Palm Springs Art Museum



Centaur 2011
Cast glass, raku clay, oil paint and found objects
Christina Bothwell

Naim 2004
Cast glass with wood base
Michele Amato

Untitled 2007
Plate glass and mixed media
Therman Stantom

Surge 1.2 2011
Cast glass and pate de verre
Masahiro Asaka

Pianist's Dress Impression 2005
Cast glass
Karen LaMonte

Red Thorax 2007
Blown, carved, lathe-worked glass with steel base
Matthew Curtis

Berlin Interchange 2011
Fused and cameo engraved glass
April Surgent

Friday 7 March 2014

Obsessive Reductive at Design and Craft Museum San fransisco

Cal Lane
Hand held plasma cutter on steel wheel barrow 


Left to right 
Shade Tree and Piggyback 2012
We tried to Build a Raft 2011-2012
Self-made Outpost 2012 
Midwinter Crossing 2010
Smoke inside empty glass bottles
Jim Dingillian

Battle of Angels 2011
Engraved porcelain bathtubs
Farnaz Shadravan

Encyclopedia of Science 2013
Hardcover book, acrylic varnish
Brian Dettmer

Artforum 47
Unsolicited Collaboration with Cindy Sherman 2013
Mask Series
Handcut Artforum Magazine
Francesca Pastine

Artforum 38
Artforum Excavation Series
Hand cut Artforum magazine 
Francesca Pastine