Thursday 10 March 2016

50 hour Print Marathon Collaboration

50 hour print Marathon to celebrate 50 years of the Print Council of Australia.
This was organised in New Zealand by Toni Mosley of Blue Bathtub Press in collaboration with Simone Tippett of Union Street Printmakers in Adelaide and took place over 50 consecutive hours at Nathan Homestead, NZ and at four locations in Adelaide, Australia.

Each group produced 50 themed monoprints. Participants dropped in during the 50 hours and worked on parts of several prints at a time. 

The focus was on building communities, having fun, experimentation, play, and collaboration. 25 prints from each city will be swapped with the other and, later in the year, each city will exhibit their 25 prints alongside the other city's prints. All prints will be for sale and commemorative zines will also be available.

Myself and other members of the Waitakere Printers Ink went along to take part, working with slight hesitation whether or not your adding or defacing the print. Overall a fun and interesting project and look forward to working alongside other printmakers in the future. 

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